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That’s the East Sea to you buddy February 18, 2006

Posted by Bryan in Uncategorized.

I notice that Yahoo! has buckled to pressure from a Korean lobby group, the Voluntary Agency Network of Korea, and has added the label “East Sea” to their online maps (alongside the more commonly used “Sea of Japan”). This did not escape the attention of the Korean government who didn’t miss a chance to crow about it on their official English-language information site.

Wikipedia has an interesting article on the naming dispute.

This reminds me of the faux pas I made when I first got to Kuwait and made the unforgivable error of referring to the Arabian Gulf as the “Persian Gulf”. It only took a few stern corrections on the subject before I learned not to make that mistake again. Wikipedia has the background on this dispute also.



1. bloom - May 30, 2006

This is exactly Sea of Japan, Japan Sea or Nihonkai. And Take shima or Take Island exactly belongs to Japan. Understand ?

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